Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Amazing Evidences to the 6000th year 
for the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ 
Strongest of the evidence is for 2028

1. Genesis 6:3  - 120 jubilee years given to man. A jubilee year is every 50th year (Lev 25:1-10). 120 x 50= 6000 years

2. Isayah 46:10 – “I’ve declared the end from the beginning and from long ago what is not yet done” (Isayah 46:10) Genesis ch 1,  the beginning 
(the 6 days of creation), declares the end at the 6000th year.  A day is as a 1000 years (2 Pet 3:8, Ps 90:4). 6 days of creation equals 6000 years.

3. The Epistle of Barnabas (free online) chapter 15, states plainly 
(non metaphorical), the end at the 6000th yr  Note; not the "gospel of Barnabas", which is a forgery, but the "Epistle of Barnabas." (full quote below)

4. Irenaeus> disciple of Polycarp > disciple of John the Apostle, states plainly, Genesis chapter 1 is also a prophecy of the end at the 6000th year (full quote below).

5. Encyclopedia Britannica 11th edition, concerning the Talmud says there was a  WIDE SPREAD 6000th year doctrine among the Jews and the early church. Jews still hold to this doctrine today, that Messiah must come by the 6000th year.

6. Hippolytus, Fragment 2' Commentary (AD205) Since then in 6 days the Lord created all things, it follows that in 6000 years all will be fulfilled 
(full quote below).

7. Jesus 1000 year reign (Rev 20:6), as the Sabbath, from the 6000th to the 7000th year. Why 1000 years long? Why not 500 years or 700 years long? It's obvious. It's the 7th millennial day, the true sabbath (Col 2:16,17).

8. Numerous signs of 2028 at  
(an incredible witness).

9. Brother Alfred Ks 2028 dream of Jesus coming

10. Below, the Bible Chronology chart  from Ernest L Martin’s research (1989), 28AD as the year Jesus 1st came (at his baptism), at the 4000th year; adding 2000 yrs, to 2028 as the 6000th year. 
(direct year count from the Bible
no calendars used)

11. RH Vargo Book Tribulation, with several alternative 360 day year calculations, all coming to 2028.

12. Josephus' commentary in the Talmud stated that Eliyah the prophet taught in plain, non metaphor language, that human history would last 6000 years, then the kingdom of Messiah would come in the 7th millenium.

13. Hosea 6:2 - After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up,  and we shall live in his sight.
Hosea prophesied this around 750 BC.  in the 3rd day  (3rd millenial day) he will raise us up, foretelling the resurrection in the 3rd day after 750 BC, showing biblical millenial day time keeping.

13. Luke 10:35 "two pence" payed equals two days wage (2 millennial days).
"Take care of him, and whatever more you spend, WHEN I COME AGAIN, I will repay you."

14. Luke 13:32,  the 3rd millennial day
Go and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out demons and do cures today and tomorrow and on the 3rd day, I shall finish my work.
"today and tomorrow" is 2 millennial days. The 3rd day is his 1000 year reign.

Because of the wide spread doctrine of the 6000th year in the days of Jesus, clearly, his prophetic word has a completely different mindset than how prophecy teachers of today see it.
More quotes and evidences below

Due to slight historical discrepancies, look to 2027 to 2032 as his coming, with the peak times to watch for his coming in the years 2028 and 2032. Never did he say we couldn’t know the year or season. 

This chronology in a deeper research can be found here
This chart is not using faulty calendars, but is a direct year count from scripture alone!

The popular doctrine of "The Imminent Return of Jesus" has been wrong from it's very conception. These evidences point to the 6000th year for his coming. Even if you believe in a pre or mid tribulation rapture, you would look to 7 years or 3.5 years before the 6000th year.

From the book  

How these modern popular prophecy teachers have over looked this is amazing! There is not a greater prophecy with timing, and with more backing it than this!

Many scholars are relying on faulty Ptolemy year count, in thinking we are past the 6000th year, including James Ussher. Such faulty data has deceived most of the prophecy teachers and they are at a loss with timing to prophecy, which is leading them into trying to find other ways and scenarios in bible prophecy, which is only making matters worse. The confusion is causing many Christians to cast off prophecy, sadly, missing out on the exciting revelations being given on the timing of his coming, more covered at

Tom Horn and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn believe in the year 2075, by the Essene Calendar, which is fatally flawed, not taking into account that the scriptural moon calendar (Lev 23)  resets every year by the abib barley harvest, and by default,  follows the solar calendar, so their entire argument for the Essene solar calendar is baseless and more so proven here. Also, the Essene calendar cannot do a direct year count from scripture, like the chronology chart above and come to the 6000th year at 2075.

This body of evidence, makes it clear. The 6000th year is what to watch for and the evidence points to 2028.
Like the prophets, apostles and the early church, today's church should have been teaching this, instead of the pre trib rapture.

Scriptures backing the 6000th year and the millennial day calendar...
Rev 20:1-3, Rev 20:5-6, Lev 25:10 with Gen 6:3, PS 90:4, 2 Pet 3:8, Luke 10:35, Luke 13:32

To this day, the Jews hold to the doctrine of the 6000th year, first taught by Eliyah the Prophet. Was Eliyah wrong? Were all the early church leaders wrong? 

If the chronology above is wrong, it would err on the side of being past the 6000th year, which according to this body of evidence, cannot be so. And the year count can definitely not be shorter because its a direct accurate count from scripture. The chronology chart above does not use faulty calendars, but is a direct year count, strait from the bible, to Christ's baptism.
We must conclude that the 6000th year is just about here, regardless of knowing the exact year, but 2028 does provide us with the most evidence, from chronology and the evidence of the Lord supernaturally speaking in signs and dreams of this.
HALLE-YAHWEH! Jesus is coming soon!
Rejoice and endure to the end! Our reward is exceedingly great!



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